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FAQ's on our free 0844 numbers:

free 0844 number

0844 Phone Numbers

0844 numbers give you a national rather than local presence. Numbers starting with 0844 are local rate numbers.

0844 Numbers are free

0844 Numbers are free to obtain and do not cost to maintain them (no rental charges), there are no minimum amounts of minutes to qualify for a number and you will encourage your customers to contact you

Q. How much are the monthly charges for a 0844 number?

A. Free - with there are absolutely no charges.

Q. Can I choose my own 0844 number?

A. Yes, to an extent from our database of available numbers you can choose your preferred 0844 number.

Q. How much do callers pay to ring an 0844 number?

A. Callers from BT landlines will pay 5p per minute at all times to call your new free 0844 number.

Q. How many free 0844 numbers can I have?

A. 2 free numbers on inital setup - more available on request

Q. Are there any hidden costs with my 0844 ?

A. No, absolutely none - don't need any form of payment or billing details for your 0844 number because its free!.

Q. Can I transfer our existing 0844 number to Numbers Free?

A. If you  already have an 0844 number and are currently paying to keep this number you can port (transfer) the number with us a have no more charges.

Q. How Quickly can you connect my new 0844 number?

Your new 0844 number will be active within 48Hrs (Working hours)

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